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Hello! My name is Megan, a 19-year-old ocean activist currently living in Florida. Going to a high school across the street from an amazing view of the ocean, I found myself ever-so enthralled in its seemingly infinite beauty. I also realized the desperate state the ocean is in from society's poor choices--things like over-fishing, illegal whaling, and, you guessed it, pollution.

I am currently a college sophomore on the pre-veterinary track and studying Wildlife Ecology & Conservation. Join me in the fight to save our oceans!

Please watch, share and be inspired!

I am so grateful for organizations like Mercy For Animals!

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    right, just stop all this crap people. cause the animals are worth it!
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    Like, I’m like, proud of you and everything? but you don’t like, have to repeat things like that. *poutiest bitch of the...
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