surfer(s) surfin' The Life of an Ocean Activist (Guess what?!)
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Hello! My name is Megan, an 18-year-old ocean activist living in Miami, Florida. Going to a school across the street from an amazing view of the ocean, I have found myself ever-so enthralled in its seemingly infinite beauty. I've also realized the desperate state the ocean is in from society's poor choices--things like over-fishing, illegal whaling, and, you guessed it, pollution.

Most people these days are concerned with "going green" and are determined to make their lives more eco-friendly. What many fail to realize is that while being green is admirable, something far larger is at stake from mankind's poor choices than the soil on which we walk, and that is the ocean. Perhaps we should all change our way of thinking and try on an outfit of a different color--blue.

After all; if the oceans die, we die.

Guess what?!

Tonight at my school’s awards ceremony, I received the Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award for my commitment to addressing social issues! With the recognition I received a $30,000 scholarship to attend the University of Rochester in New York provided that I’m accepted.

I am INCREDIBLY honored! Out of all the awards I could have received, this is one that means the most to me. I’m a very happy camper right now. :)

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