surfer(s) surfin' The Life of an Ocean Activist (Guess what?!)
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Hello! My name is Megan, a 19-year-old ocean activist currently living in Florida. Going to a high school across the street from an amazing view of the ocean, I found myself ever-so enthralled in its seemingly infinite beauty. I also realized the desperate state the ocean is in from society's poor choices--things like over-fishing, illegal whaling, and, you guessed it, pollution.

I am currently a college sophomore on the pre-veterinary track and studying Wildlife Ecology & Conservation. Join me in the fight to save our oceans!

Guess what?!

Tonight at my school’s awards ceremony, I received the Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award for my commitment to addressing social issues! With the recognition I received a $30,000 scholarship to attend the University of Rochester in New York provided that I’m accepted.

I am INCREDIBLY honored! Out of all the awards I could have received, this is one that means the most to me. I’m a very happy camper right now. :)

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