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Hello! My name is Megan, a 19-year-old ocean activist currently living in Florida. Going to a high school across the street from an amazing view of the ocean, I found myself ever-so enthralled in its seemingly infinite beauty. I also realized the desperate state the ocean is in from society's poor choices--things like over-fishing, illegal whaling, and, you guessed it, pollution.

I am currently a college sophomore on the pre-veterinary track and studying Wildlife Ecology & Conservation. Join me in the fight to save our oceans!

Food Network: Shark is off the menu →

If you’re planning your two to three servings of fish for the week, don’t count on going to for any recipes featuring shark meat. Thanks to a successful Internet campaign promoting shark conservation, the Food Network has removed all shark meat recipes from their website.

Conservation activist Jessica Belsky started the shark saving campaign on, the world’s fastest growing platform for social change, on August 2 during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Food Network, which previously featured recipes such as shark tacos and shark au poivre, responded to the petition within 10 days and committed to leave shark off the menu.

"As a policy, Food Network and Cooking Channel do not incorporate or showcase recipes that involve animals on endangered species list or the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch list, with the recent addition of sharks to those watch-lists, we will make sure that future content does not highlight shark as an ingredient. We understand there are many species with sustainability concerns, and we make efforts to stay informed and pass that information onto our audience," says Susan Stockton of the Food Network Kitchens.

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